Bat winged bitty ##

shorts: one teaspoon
flannel: GAP
shirt: T by Alexander Wang
boots: TBA Shoes

lovers only xx



Stay RAD.

lovers only xx

ENK Intermezzo - Day 2

So day 2 was more of the same... except I got to meet the one and only Patricia Fields. Yep, I actually met her! I shook her hand and she called me cute!! For those of you who don't know of Ms. Fields, she is a costume and fashion designed from the 1970s who's true claim to fame is her position as the stylist for the HBO series Sex and the City.

Patricia Fields presented The K Fashion Project.The project is a collection of Korean fashion labels with this season styled by Fields herself. Not totally my style, but I can dig it. Definitely a couple pieces I would like in my closet. There booth was right beside Bod & Christensen so I couldn't help but be part of the action. Check it out...

(Two of those are live mannequin... See if you can guess which are live humans)

(Did you guess right?)

Not sure who the chick on the right is?
Patricia Fields - Left

K but how BA is she?! And she's rocking Creepers...


My outfit details. 

Bod & Christensen
One Teaspoon

Right Hand
Tiffany& Co by Frank Gehry
Alexander McQueen by Twin Skull
Left Hand
Tiffany&Co 925
Jen's Pirate Booty FUCK

TBA Shoes Esthers (Obviously...)

Black Scrunchie
Tiffany&Co Beads
Tiffany&Co by Frank Gehry
Spiked Leather
Random vintage bangles

lovers only xx


ENK Intermezzo - Day 1

Working as a personal assistant for a leather goods maker totally pays off. Last week I got the opportunity to be in New York City representing Bod & Christensen at the ENK Intermezzo Trade Show hosted at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Unreal experience!! My first time being in such an environment. I loved it! Selling to the consumer is one thing, but selling to the store buyers is way cooler.

Here are a few photos I snapped on day 1!


I took the time to sneak a peak into many booths to check out what's coming for their Fall/Winter collections. Getting to see what is coming this season before all you kitty cats was pretty cool.
Here are just a few booths that I loved!

K Fashion Project by Patricia Fields 

Peace Love World

Frankie B
Got a chance to meet the lovely Daniella Clarke’s. Yep she is pretty awesome. AND She loved my Esther TBA booties.... NO BIG DEAL!

Free People

Rich & Skinny
After J Brands and Frankie B, Rich & Skinny are the bestest jeans for girls with tiny waists and little behinds! Trust me...


J Brand
Without a retailer pass it is like mission impossible to get inside the booth! Except I just smiled big and gave my puppy eyes and the door ladies let me in to peep... But no photos, sorry kids! 

Young, Fabulous & Broke


JOE'S Jeans
Same deal as J Brand. And their booth was gorgeous! Wish I could show you...


Dolce Vita

(I need that ottoman in my house...)


Details on my look. 

Plain white American Apparel T-Shirt
Urban Outfitters Chain

Vintage DKNY Skort

Shoes: Ester TBA Shoes purchased on ShopWasteland.com
Bangles: Vintage Brackets, Tiffany Beads

Sorry but I have too... Hotel mirror selfie WHATEVERRR! And yes, that is an ironing board. I had to have my T freshly pressed! Dressing to impress! ;)

Stay tuned! Details on days 2 and 3 will be up on the blog shortly...

lovers only xx