There is no reason not to look presentable. I don't care what your day-to-day is or what your income is.
The key is having go-to items that are so easy to put with anything and everything. These are pieces that never make it back into your closet because you're always wearing them!

Ground rules:
BLACK BLACK BLACK! I dare you to tell me that black is all you wear and you sincerely want to make a change. There are reasons all you own is black! First of all, it's slimming! Why wear pastel or light colours that can make you look large and in charge? Keep in mind, we are talking about the basics and not the necessary contrast in a badass outfit. Secondly, black matches with everything! White, navy, brown (be careful though, this one is tricky), you name it! But watch out, black on black is only cute if they're the same blacks. If not.........yeesh. And lastly, you should wear black because I said so.

Whether I'm heading to class or a lab, or running off to work or the library, these are my essentials that keep me cute while I'm up and out...

Aggy 1490 Boots Dr. Martens in BLACK
Best. Present. Ever. Got these babies for my 21st birthday. I use them as my winter boots. They take me two inches off the ground and my feet are never cold. Slush ain't got shit on me. No nasty-ass salt stains either. With the patent leather, you just wipe 'em down and they look like new. Makes every outfit look so badass. Can't wait to wear them with bare legs and shorties! (SUMMA SUMMA SUMMA TIMEEEEE) 

Available on DRMARTENS.com

Hewson Super skinny J Brands in BLACK
A must have! The fit is killer, I swear. They're jeans but totally feel like leggings. So it's almost like you're wearing leggings as pants, but not exactly because who in their right mind would commit such a fashion faux pas?! These J Brands can work for any occasion. They're casual enough to be worn to school, but the way they sculpt your ass makes these pants suitable for a night out, or even to something more formal. They are my go-to for sure. Ya cry about the price if you want, but tell me, how many shitty pairs of jeans do you have in your closet that don't make you feel any better about yourself? That's what I thought.....

Available at KAR-MA, Montreal

KAR-MA on De la Montagne in Montreal sells J brand jeans at reasonable prices. Tell anyone working that I sent you and they'll hook it upppppp. Promise :)

All BLACK beanie
Ya ya, call me a hipster. A good beanie is cute and everyone should have one. Hats are such an easy, underrated accessory and everyone seems to forget that. Consider wearing a hat whether it's a bad hair day or good one. Trust me, try your outfit with a beanie and it's sure to change the look.

If you really want to treat yourself, check this WILDFOX beanie. So fucking cute! And it's in black, even better!

Available on DOLLSKILL.COM

With 8:30 am classes everyday, there is no wayyyyyyyy I'm waking up any earlier just to clog my pores. But I take all of 4 seconds to apply Copacabana. Apply it to your eyebrows, cheek bones, and the arch of your nose (weird I know but the lady at Sephora said to so I obey) to highlight my face just a bit.  
Super easy. Practical. Cute. 

Available at Sephora

MAC lip gloss DESIRE
This color is perfect for everyday wear. Nude lips suck and red lips in the middle of the day........-place dirty word here. It's all about packing a punch, not a knockout. You ain't gonna be turning nobody's head if they can't see those lipssssss.


K sorry, moving on....

Available at MAC

Chunky chains.
Put it on with a vintage tee, collared shirt, or all black dress, a chunky necklace makes a difference. Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters has some of the best. Or you can make your own. I took a chain off a men's pocket wallet I bought, cut off a couple loops with Daddy's pliers, and voila! 2 chainzzzzzz (half kidding...)

Here are my favourites:

Got it at Forever 21 a couple years back, but I'm sure they have something similar still around. Or try H&M, they've got cute ones too. It goes with anything and any neckline.

My home made bling. Simple, edgy, and easy.

And this one, me loveeee. Can be found at Urban Outfitters. 


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