Red Babe

Mondays suck, but my outfit doesn't. It's cold as fk today. May 13th and it's 5 degrees here in Montreal.
I swear mother nature is on crack cocaine...
What do we do when it's cold? Layer it up!

VINTAGE LEATHER. Got this baby at Annex Vintage in the Mile End (Montreal) for 60$.... Yep, you read that right. However, someone else did sweat in it before I did... OH WELL!
TUK Creeps. Classic type, black and horse hair cheetah. Rawrrrr. Post exam present to myself. Platforms are in. If you don't have a pair, get on it.
Kiss a Stranger' WILDFOX sweater hanging on me to keep me safe from this weather. 
DAYDREAMER LA muscle tee.
FOREVER 21 red skinnies with distress done by yours truly! ;)

FOREVER 21 chains as seen on my STAY CUTE post.
Finger jewels. I love going crazy with the costume jewellery but sometimes simple is best. Today I am wearing everyday finger rings. From left to right; Frank Gehry for Tiffanys Torque, Dean Davidson Purple Africa, Alexander McQueen Double Skull, Tiffany 1837,  and last but not least my FUCK engagement ring to my true lover, Ms Rehel.

lovers only xx

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