Nasty outside and nothing to do? Arts and crafts are always fun... Yep, even if you aren't 8 years old.

Step 1. Purchase studs. 
Well, that was done before I even thought about doing this to my phone case. 
DTOX in Montreal sells studs for about 4 dollars a tiny bag. Bought this bag with no clue what I wanted to use them for.
Finally I saw a chick with studs down the side of her phone case. Thought to myself, "Hm, I could do that."

Step 2. Ruin your phone case.
So the studs I purchased are the screw-on type (Haha not sure if that makes sense but you'll see in a second). At first I had no clue how I was going to make wholes through the plastic case small enough for the skcrew part. 10 minutes later, I poked a hole though with an x-acto knife then cut around it with a cuticle cutters (yep you read right) to make the hole big enough to fit the screw.
Once the screw end was through and I was able to twist on the spike.... and VOILA!

Step 3. Repeat X6

lovers only xx

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