Forever loving the Olsen twins.


Before I could appreciate what designers they were wearing, I always drooled over what the were wearing. The Olsen sisters have always been fashion icon in my eyes. Their effortless look amazes me. Fadded blacks, concert tees and big chunky jewels. Their red carpet looks aren't always something I would wear (or could EVER pull off) but they murder every look they put together. It's admirable. True style icons.

When did I fall in love with the iconic Rocco by Alexander Wang? When I saw it on Mary-Kate's arm. Only 5 years later was I able to afford my very own.... Whatever. I'm obviously not bitter..........

Can I tell them apart? Not a chance. Do I stalk them on the reg? I wish I had the time. I check out Olsens Anonymous. She's obsessed and does all the work for me. Or I just type them up on google. (Thank god for google....)

I wishhhhhhh they posted #OOTDs. Too bad they are so above that. Urg...

Here is just a couple photos form a collection of pictures I have saved over the years. Every time I need a little fashion pick-me-up, these bitches have my back. Always. <3

To date, one of my favourite photos of the two of them.
Absolutely love Ashley's tuxedo look.

In desperate need for those Chanel's on the left. URGG!

In. Love. 

Photo by my favourite Hedi Slimane

 lovers only xx

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