Look expensive without spending a dolla $$

The holidays still have you struggling? Trust me, I feel you!
Here are 5 simple tips to make your casual looks seem pricy without spending a dollar.
These tips will make you feel better about your non-designer pieces. Don't worry- I wont tell anyone you're shallow.

1. Add a blazer or better yet, leather.
Just over your shoulders. Pair with sweats or boyfriend jeans, slacks or trousers. 

Amiee Song songofstyle

Tash Sefton theyallhateus

2. Add a chunky necklace, or 4.
Try layering them, or pair a choker with your signature neck game.
Trial and error. You'll figure it out!

See past the gorgeous Channel bag.
Leandra Medine manrepeller
Me ;)

But if you have the funds...
Drew Ginsburg dylanlex

3. Simple is best.
Black and black. White and black if you must. 
(Team #Allblackeverything yeee)

Dani Song songdani

Camille Charriere camilleovertherainbow
Tash Sefton theyallhateus

Personally, I think Sefton is a bit of a brand whore (who isn't?) but most of her outfits are super basic. Simple Ts and denim bottoms but she always looks so ri$h. 
Checkout her Instagram @tashsefton

4. A wide brimmed hat never hurt.  
One of my current favourite acessory.

Chiara Ferragni theblondesalade

Arielle Nachmani something navy

5. Ditch the purse- grab a clutch! 
We all know us ladies overpack our purses with more shit then we actually need. Put your 4 key things in a clutch; iPhone, lip-gloss, ID and a credit card.

Camille Charriere camilleovertherainbow

Amiee Song songofstyle

These ladies may be in designer goods but you're knockoff can look just as badass. I swears! 

lovers only

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