Six Simple Beauty Tips

September's here. She may be my favourite month but she does come with a serious reality smack. But that's okay. I've got six easy beauty tips to save you time and money. 
Not into beauty cosmetics? Me either. I love cake but not on my face. These tips won't make you a new face but enhance your natural beauty.

do your brows my way
I'm telling you, it will change your face. For the better. No brown pencils or markers or whatever all that wack-ass shit is. First, get yourself an angled brush, a brow brush and a matt eye shadow that's a tad lighter than your natural brow colour. Not anything darker! I use Dark Chocolate by Bobbi Brown. When you've got all your tools, brush your brows up. Then apply the shadow but move the brush in the opposite way your brows grow in, in small strokes (ie. for your right eye, brush the brush from right to left). Yes, this will raise your brows up and make you look cray but that's the point! Then brush them again with your over priced brow brush and voila! When you do it this way, there are no obvious pencil lines or eye brow shadow is seen around your brows. This allows for your natural brown shape to enhance your facial futures and catch more attention - cause isn't that the point?

get with the crack 
Save lipstick for occasions. Rock Dior Addict Lip Glow during the day and night.
Yes, it's expensive but it's worth every cent. My girlfriend and I call it the crack stick…. Try it and you'll see! No lip liners or mirror is necessary for application. Just apply as you need. The Lip Glow is designed to enhance you natural lip colour which is all we really need through out the day. It feels like butter. Yummmm! 

hola cheeky chicas
I don't wear foundation. I can't stand the feeling on my face. When I know I'm going to be in the sun, I do wear  moisturizer with SPF 30 (because nothing below 30 does nothing for you). Regardless, I always wear my bronzer! I used to use Laguna by Nars but that shit would always smash all over my make up case. Urg, the worst! I tried a bunch and finally fell in love with Hoola by Benefits Cosmetics. It's the same colour as Laguna but with out the cheese-ball glitters and sparkles. It comes with it's own brush, bonus! Using the Benefits brush, smile (I dare you not to do the duck face) and apply to your squishy cheeks, then stop smiling and just go over it once again. Then apply a bit to your temple and forehead brushing the brush away from your eye and almost into your hair line. Also apply just a bit along you jaw line. Then do the same for the other side.  I like to call this technique 'Half-ass contouring'. If you're heading out for the night then apply a bit more! That's why I love the Benefits brush - it applies very little, allowing for gradual application. And it travels well! 

anti-aging cream in the AM / 
          vitamin E oil in the PM
Yep. I've already started with the anti-againg cream. However, I have noticed that applying vitamin E oil to my face, neck and chest every night has done wonders! Vitamin E is a fat soluble anti-oxidant known to help and improve the appearance of damaged skin. I don't believe in quick fixes or magic tricks but I have totally seen a difference in my skin. Make sure not to get any in your eye balls!!

wash your magic wandzZz
It's not a waste of your time. Ya, there are home remedies and recipes but I've been using my sister's Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes by Sephora Collection. I first laughed at my sister when she bought these. We all know she is a sales associate's dream come true. She will buy ANYTHING cause she just doesn't have the heart to say no. But this time, she did right! 

lovers only xx

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