For the love of pretty things

Isn't this flower tree thing beautiful?! 
Fun fact: Daphne is actually the name of a type of flower. Not this one though... Haha but they look similar! ;)

Heads up. I'm a hoarder. Not that TLC kind, but almost… Where it's most apparent is my closet. I try not to shop too much and put my money towards traveling but the years of purchases have added up…  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all! But it's always kind of funny when people ask me where my shirt is from and I say my 6th grade boyfriend…

This outfit will prove it to you. These pants are 5 years old. Purchased on a trip to Europe back in Summer 2010. See, I told you I was a hoarder! But how can a pair of ever trousers go out of style?? 

And the crop top was purchased wayyyy back in my American Apparel days! Yep, I was part of the cult.  Fresh outta high school, I got my first real job working as a (slutty) sales associate at M07 (aka the American Apparel in the Fairview Shopping Centre). I thought I was the shit. I even got to meet the creepster Dov Charney. He shook my hand, spun me around and then took a photo of me.......... For those of you who don't know about Mr Charney, this is totally normal behaviour. I'm still waiting to see my photo on the AA website. Half kidding...... 

Creepin' on the peeps walking by.... As they creep on me!

bod & christensen leather
zara trousers 
dr. martens shoes
alexander wang purse
forever 21, nasty gal and vintage jewels

lovers only xx 

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