How to wear sweatpants to work #TGIF

So this happened this morning before this nasty rain. Friday mornings are probably the worst. My mission; to make sweatpants office appropriate. 
How'd I do it? First I threw on a dress shirt. But that wasn't enough. I've always said 'when in doubt, add a chunky necklace'. So I did that… Now I know sneakers are trending and I could wear them to the office but I'm not sure who I feel about them. My equivalent? Creepers, duh!
PERFECT! I did it! In all of 15 minutes. Even got Mama's approval while walking out the door… 

At this moment it started raining. Boooo :(

I saved the ass for last…

joie pants
forever 21 shiffron blouse & necklace
TUK creepers

lovers only xx

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